ICICI Bank’s Stupid OTP Security Feature

ICICI Bank has introduced a so-called security feature called OTP (One Time Password) for login. If you access ICICI Bank from an IP-address or network then they send you a OTP on your registered mobile. You have to provide this OTP on the login screen to be able to log into the online account.

Issue with this scheme is that, you might not have access to the mobile when you are accessing the ICICI Bank website. For example, if someone is traveling outside India and needs access to online account, it won’t be possible now because of this stupid feature.



Also, the way they have implemented this is ridiculous to say the least.  When I try to login to ICICIbank.com from my office or home, I get this annoying OTP screen.  So now, I have to wait for the sms for at least 5 minutes before I can login.  Most of the people will be accessing their websites from multiple locations and this will be very frustrating for all of them.

Only ICICI Bank can come up with such *stupid* features.

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